The Stretch


I can feel it. Can you? Election tremors. Just here and there. The ground makes a growly sound. Feels like a grip on an aluminum baseball bat in winter. Occasional but serious reverberation. Twitter, Facebook feeds, sermons, signage, and just general brink-of-mayhem behavior pervade the air out of the blue between episodes of Mad Men. I will be the first to tell you that I don’t consider myself a political person. But it’s not because I don’t have strong opinions. Oh, I have opinions. We should all have opinions. Opinion means that we are thinking things over, that we care enough to spend energy exerting our beliefs, that we want to hand this country over to our kids in such a way that their hard work as national and global citizens will be worth the toil. Opinions are important. But opinions take energy AND, unfortunately, energy is a finite resource. I would like to think that if we are going to flail and tumble down the road kicking and screaming about something-  that it really and truly matters to us. But I can already tell that I may need to take an indefinite hiatus from social media until after November. I already feel like screaming CAN’T WE JUST ALL GET ALONG? It is only June.

After I saw some recent meme out there on someone’s feed aligning Obama with Hitler, I have decided that instead of bitching, moaning and defriending-left-and-right (no pun) about it…that I might write about it?

Here’s the deal. I don’t care if you hate Obama. I’m sorry to hear that. Hating someone requires high energy expenditure. So does changing a nation in distress. Let’s all cut each other a bit of slack without having to understand each other’s intent fully. Let’s all just say we want what is best for this nation, shake on it and play nice. I’m not sure you can find one American right now that is singing praises of our status quo. I’m not. But this lopsided boat we are in wasn’t built or sunk in a day and slinging loads of mud in it sure isn’t gonna help it sail again.

I just have a favor (ok, 3 of them) as we head into election ’12 time:

Can we:

Assume Goodwill

Harder than it looks. Let’s assume that we all want what is best for this country even if our stance seems to be an accomplice for sending us all to hell in a handbasket. 

Frame It In The +

Tell me something positive your candidate has done or pledges to do. Educate me without making me feel stupid. I don’t watch the news that much. It is depressing and this is why I ration it.

If you don’t have something nice to say, say it to your wall. My wall here at home doesn’t care. I think it even appreciates that I don’t blow some of my gripecentric mess out into the world. We’ve had plenty of oil spillage this decade to last a lifetime. Let’s clean up a mess- not make one by attacking one another’s beliefs.

-Acknowledge Accomplishment Whether You Travel By Donkey or Elephant

I mean if you really want what’s best for this place we call home, can’t we all just give a little bit of credit where credit is due? I recently heard that there were a few naysayers lined up to dog the First Lady’s initiative to help raise a healthier generation of kids through her “Let’s Move” program? Go grab some kids and start a garden. That’s energy better spent. One of the best ways that we can fix healthcare is to get a grip on this obesity epidemic (and consequently, the skinny jean epidemic, just for me, while we are at it). 

When I bear witness to folks bickering over politics, it stresses me out. Not gonna lie. I feel like I’m in the middle of a twisted family fight with two stiffarms holding spitting, rabid foes at bay. I’m not naive enough to think that this plea will fix anything. But at this rate, I’ll take one singular amen to agreeing to play this election stretch just a wee bit nicer than planned? It will make a difference to someone, somewhere. I promise. Swear on my voter’s registration card. And if all else fails, I’m just going to wear that helmet you see up there and referee. I don’t like that helmet. It doesn’t go with much of my wardrobe but I will wear it if necessary.

P.S. I don’t know why this blog decides to switch fonts on its own. It will not permit me make a uniform edit. One minute it’s Arial, the next Times New Roman. I guess to illustrate a damn point, I’m just going to let it have a mind of its own. We can just agree to disagree, Lords of the Font, ok?




One thought on “The Stretch

  1. I’ll call your ‘Amen’ and raise you a ‘How ’bout we all stop treating politicians like celebrities and start treating them like job applicants?’I’ve already got Living Colour’s ‘Cult of Personality’ stuck on loop in my head.

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