Age Old Debate


The results are in: Madonna’s halftime show for Superbowl whatever-number-it-was is still garnering mixed reviews as I write. Facebook and Twitter continue to blow up with Madge critiques and accolades. Some reviewers are calling the Superbowl performance a rekindling of her glory days, some are glad she didn’t choose Like A Virgin for the 12-minute set list, and more than a few were completely freaked out by her pom pom prop Glee-ish skit at what is apparently considered the ripe old age of 53. She’s too old is the general consensus of the folks throwing out a thumbs down. My opinion? So glad you asked.

She rocked the gladiator getup and is a phenomenal entertainer. The only issue on which I am undecided would be the whispers of lip-syncing which is just sacrilege to the stage in my book.

But back to the she’s-too-old-argument for a minute because that is why I am even wasting a bit of breath on this topic in the first place….I very well might have chimed in on this eyerolling of the elders a few years and grey hairs ago. Now, I find myself jumping on the defensive here even for a woman who is the catalyst for the word diva having a place in the dictionary.

I am going to go with the age old adage for the haters: jealous much? Who wouldn’t want to be that in shape at 53? Madonna’s style has spawned many others who currently occupy the music pedestal. Gaga, Minaj, Katy Perry and her whipped cream spewing assets? If you can’t hear Madonna’s influence in Gaga’s stuff, perhaps it’s time for a an audiologist checkup. So what of her using Minaj and Cee-Lo and a sprinkle of LMFAO to young-down the stage with flavor-of-the-moment props? The woman has earned that right to recruit a protege or two to her side.

Did people dive off of the Steve Jobs bandwagon when he turned 50 because he is just too old to produce anything good? Not exactly. In fact, nearly 15 million of us signed on to buy an iPad in the first nine months that they became available. Stood in line overnight. Camped out. Bet there are a handful of diehards who have camped out for Madonna tickets in her heyday. But now, she is just too old? At 53.

Take it easy on the Boomers, people. They’ve still got it. They still need to show they’ve got it. And one day in the not too distance future when you late bloomers come up with something brilliant while scratching the grey hairs on your head, you will want someone younger to listen to and appreciate it all that you have become (and are still becoming).

Shake it, Madge….and thanks for the awesome Halloween costume idea too. Gladiator. I am sure that my husband will appreciate that more than the previous year’s lederhosen.

P.S. Nice job, Giants! 




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