Yo, Apgar

If this blog was just born, I am suddenly feeling the pressure to blow the Apgar test out of the water. It is one of our greatest fears to be marginal, you know? To have nothing to say. According to some of the folks behind this blog’s conception, I have been sent here to have fun writing for whomever has the time or desire to listen. Truth be told, I am also here to escape the grasp of Facebook on a quasi dare from my family. This is somewhat of an endeavor to move my Tourettes-like commentaries on to a new venue. It will be well worth the journey if just one or two of you enjoy it from time to time. Feel free to laugh at me, with me, near or far from me. We can’t take ourselves too seriously…..or at least we shouldn’t. And so until next time, thanks for visiting.

 If I don’t write to empty my mind, I go mad.  -Lord Byron-

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